Approach – The Way I Work

I use an evidence-based and goal-oriented approach in my decision coaching. The focus of our work will always be your decision situation. I will not try to change you or turn you into a better person (nor will I try to change your partner, co-workers, etc). Rather, we will work together to find solutions to your decision problems, based on your goals and values, whatever those are.

Steps along the way include:My coaching approach: framework for decision coaching

  • clarifying your core goals and values
  • searching creatively for non-obvious solutions
  • evaluating your options
  • dealing with trade-offs, risks and uncertainties
  • implementing plans to achieve goals

Throughout this process, I use decision-aiding tools that were developed upon a scientific background and designed to enhance both our creativity and our rationality. I also employ counseling methods from different schools of thought that are evidence-based and have been proven effective for supporting decisions and achieving goals. (Examples: mindfulness-based, cognitive behavioral, value focused, paradoxical, creative thinking and problem-solving techniques.)

For career and productivity coaching, we usually start with an in-depth assessment of your situation and goals and continue with problem-solving and developing new work strategies and habits that work for you. A coaching package will also include ongoing support, including phone or email check-ins between sessions.

As a by-product of our work on your current decisions, you will be able to build a toolkit for effective decision-making and goal achievement, and transfer those skills to other aspects of your life.


  • business and career choices
  • productivity and time management; goal achievement
  • change and transitions; moves; retirement
  • creative thinking and problem solving
  • team decisions
  • unconventional/non-traditional relationships
  • alternative lifestyles

I work with individuals as well as with groups and organizations who want to address challenging issues together.

What I will NOT do in my counseling practice:

  • My practice excludes assessment, diagnosis and treatment of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders. In other words, I do not diagnose or treat pathologies, e.g. as listed on the DSM-IV.
  • I will not give you content advice on what to do in your decision situation. The responsibility of how you are following through on your decision is entirely yours.