Decision Coaching

Are you stuck in a big decision? Do you feel overwhelmed by uncertainty?

Decision coaching can help, by giving you a process and tools to think through your options.

Decision Coaching

Maybe you’re facing tough choices right now, such as…

It is normal – in fact, smart – to have doubts about whether you are making the right choices.

If people are telling you things like “just go with your gut”, think again. The hardest decisions involve tough trade-offs, risks and uncertainties, and sometimes great complexity and information overload. Our gut feelings, while important, are not enough to face an important decision.

The costs of not making the best decisions are immeasurable—especially the costs of lost opportunities.

Decision coaching offers a process to help you think more systematically and at the same time more creatively about your big decisions. Because of that, it is a very effective way to work on your most difficult or consequential decisions. You can read more about my decision coaching approach and my mission.

Are you ready to start? If so, you can schedule your first decision coaching session right here. Or if you’d like to find out more, you can schedule a brief phone call with the same button.

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What previous clients say about decision coaching:Decision Coaching

“I hired Ursina as a coach and was very satisfied with the results. Ursina is a superb decision making / creativity coach with a wealth of knowledge and experience. She is joyful and warm and set me immediately at ease in our work together. I highly recommend her as a coach and decision making / creativity consultant.”
Joe Rhinewine, PhD
Clinical psychologist, owner of Portland Mindfulness Therapy

“Overall the gain that I made from decision coaching is huge to me, and it ultimately gave me the tools I need to make more decisions for myself in the future.”
Anol Ruther

“Before this process, my decision seemed muddy and unclear, but after I found great clarity in my decision.”
Jonathan Broeder