Developing the Vision of Your Business

Intensive mini-group session to hone your business vision and mission


Are you:

  • thinking about starting your own business?
  • already running a small business and wanting to grow it?
  • struggling to find your niche?
  • feeling scattered and overwhelmed by the demands of your business?
  • dreading words like “networking” or “marketing” because you don’t enjoy talking about your business?

Here is a question many business owners find surprisingly difficult to answer:

Why do you exist as a business?

In other words, what difference do you make in the world? What is your passion and cause?
(Making money does not count. That’s a result, not a purpose.)

If you are very clear about your core values and mission, you will find it so much easier to grow your business, because everything, from developing and advertising your niche to building a loyal client base and referral partnerships (and even inspiring your employees if you have any), will follow naturally. You will be able to get rid of your “elevator speech”, because you will be talking from your heart. What you do and say will be meaningful to yourself, and convincing and inspiring to others.

But finding your mission is easier said than done!

In this intensive small-group session (3-6 participants only), we will work together to systematically explore your vision and values and clarify your intention, purpose and goals as a business. In this safe and non-competitive environment, you can benefit from the creative energy of a small group.

As a nice side effect, you’ll be surprised to see how unique your own mission is once you really dig deep – after working with hundreds of people on their values, I have seen an incredible variety.

Follow-up sessions can be arranged where desired, e.g., to work on a specific strategic plan based on your core vision.

$175 per person for a 3h session.
(These sessions are targeted to small businesses, solopreneurs and start-ups on a small budget. If you are a bigger team and are interested in strategic planning sessions tailored to your situation and needs, please contact me for a special arrangement.)

Time and Date:
Thursday, May 26, 4pm – 7pm

522 SW 5th Ave, Conference Room 7th Floor
Portland, OR 97204
(Same building as Spella Caffe)