Coaching Group – Beating Procrastination

Would you like to work more efficiently?
Learn and practice better time management?
Do you have important stuff on your to-do list that never gets done?Coaching Group – Beating Procrastination

This three-month coaching group program is designed to give you tools and strategies to break through procrastination and move towards optimal performance.

We all have different optimal structures and schedules that work best for us. This coaching program is designed to give you individualized attention and support. Each coaching group (3-6 people) will provide opportunities for learning and focus on your personal situation, needs and goals. The program combines learning and hands-on exercises with personalized coaching. The three-month time frame will allow you to truly form, tweak, practice, and strengthen new habits.

What you will get from the coaching group program:

  • New knowledge and very practical resources on:
    • prioritizing
    • healthy, realistic and sustainable scheduling
    • increasing focus and concentration
    • tackling big projects
  • Hands-on exercises with your own to-do list and calendar

  • A toolkit to diagnose your own worst procrastination triggers and obstacles

  • Guidance and coaching on how to start conquering those one by one

  • The positive support of a small group of people who all:
      • struggle with similar issues in different ways
      • will encourage you
      • can hold you accountable to your own goals

Workbook for the Coaching Group – Beating ProcrastinationIncluded in the 3-month package are:

  • Two individual coaching sessions of 50 min each and an initial in-depth assessment of your goals, your individual style, your situation, and your personality.
    A part of this assessment will happen during our sessions together, and a part of it will be homework for you in between.
  • Four small-group sessions of 90 min each.
    After our individual work together, you will join a coaching group consisting of three to five other participants. The group sessions will give you the positive support of others who may face similar or different challenges. Also, being held accountable to your goals and getting encouraged by others is a very powerful help in your quest to beat procrastination.
  • Individual phone and online support between sessions as needed.
    Throughout the three-month period, we may add regular phone check-ins or other personal online support. This may include working with shared online tools, documents or apps, depending on your needs and goals.
  • A copy of the Workbook: Beating Procrastination 101 by Ursina Teuscher

Cost:  $650.

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Portland, OR 97204