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Productivity CoachingDo you often:


If any of this sounds familiar, productivity coaching could make a big difference for you.

Most of us are not as efficient and productive as we would like to be, and struggle regularly with procrastination and lack of motivation. It is inherently difficult to manage our time optimally, to follow through with our plans and to stay focused.

As a result, we feel guilty and find it hard to relax and fully disengage from work during breaks. This again is detrimental to our productivity in the long run, leading to a downward spiral of stress, guilt and underachievement.

Being productive and managing time in a balanced and healthy way is hard, but it is a skill that can be learned and improved.

Productivity CoachingYour goals may be academic, professional, or personal, or you may first want to take a step back to find goals that motivate you. Depending on your situation and your obstacles, we will work on issues such as:

  • finding motivators, creating visions
  • setting up realistic and healthy schedules
  • setting and meeting your own deadlines
  • finding your personal procrastination triggers and tackling them
  • eliminating distractions
  • increasing focus and concentration
  • gaining conscious control over habits and changing them
  • becoming a compassionate boss for yourself
  • finding creative solutions to overcome obstacles

Are you ready to start or would you like to find out more? Schedule your first productivity coaching session or a brief phone call to discuss options.

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What previous clients say about productivity coaching:

“I had a five star experience with Ursina. She is a wonderful asset when it comes to career development. I especially valued her expertise in crucial areas like decision making, focus, and time management. I really needed help with time management and she delivered big-time. In fact I got a whole book written, thanks to Ursina! Her PhD training stands her in very good stead as she knows her stuff and she keeps up on relevant literature, PLUS she is insightful and fun to work with! You would be very lucky to get to work with her.”
Danna Schaeffer, Teacher/Therapist/Writer

“I highly recommend Ursina for productivity coaching. I have started to work with her over a year ago, because I was looking for help with setting priorities in my work and leisure time, and I wanted to improve my time management skills and productivity. In just a few sessions, Ursina helped me make some real lasting changes in my work habits. In particular, she helped me develop a planning and scheduling system based on my own needs and style. It helps me prioritize my tasks and find a good balance between the different activities I value (e.g., my work as an artist, administrative work, house improvements, social commitments, exercise, leisure, etc.). I have used that planning system ever since, and have been happy with it, probably because it is not a standardized system, but my own that we developed and fine-tuned together, in a format that works great for the variety of tasks and activities I want to pursue.”
John Walter, Architect