Strategic Planning for Small Businesses

Are you a business owner with big plans, a full schedule, and a tight budget?

You already know how important strategic planning is, and how much of an impact it can have on your long-term success. But chances are, you also know how expensive it typically is to get help for that. Most smaller businesses simply don’t have the budget to hire a big consulting firm for strategic planning or executive coaching.
Strategic Planning
To cover that gap, I’m offering affordable strategic planning and coaching, tailored to the specific needs of your business. This can include your team or core employees, or only yourself if you’re a sole proprietor.

How I will work with you

Our work together can either consist of intense full-day or half-day sessions, or it can consist of regular shorter meetings or phone calls over a longer period of time. I’m very aware of the busy schedule that many small businesses have. I’m therefore always happy to find solutions that work within your time constraints. Depending on your needs and the focus of our work together, you may want to include other core members of your team into the process.

Whether we focus on your short-term or long-term strategies, I will always help you translate your big-picture strategies into specific plans. You can start tackling those plans right away, between our sessions. This means that you will get immediate action items as an outcome of each of our meetings or phone calls.

Are you ready to start or would you like to find out more? Schedule your first strategic planning session or a brief phone call to discuss options.

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Free resource

This brief guide on strategic planning (downloadable pdf) walks you through the classic steps of a strategic planning session. You can use it as a preparation for a team retreat or to inspire your own thinking.
Please feel free to share it, improve it, and re-share it.

My strategic planning expertise

Strategic Planning Guideline by Ursina Teuscher, PhD (Back Cover)

Strategic Planning Guideline by Ursina Teuscher, PhD (Front Cover)
Apart from working directly with small businesses, I am teaching strategic planning classes at the Small Business Development Center at Portland Community College, and decision making classes at Portland State University.

I have been a team leader of pro bono consultants for nonprofits through the Community Consulting Project (CCP) of the Organizational Development Network (ODN) Oregon. This typically included help with strategic planning and board development. I am a professional member of Oregon ODN and part of the CCP leadership team.

I have written a strategic planning guideline that describes the steps of a typical strategic planning session, from honing the mission to planning concrete action steps. It offers practical tools for facilitators to guide groups through this process.

Here’s more about my background and expertise.